Adding meaning and self-awareness

What’s your life goal? What’s your favorite daily routine? Does it match up?

Regardless if you’re clear about the answers, I’ve found the following exercise to be fun and effective.

Marshall Goldsmith, a renown author and thought leader on executive coaching, offers a simple advice: track your behaviors.

In an excel sheet list essential habits that add meaning to the day. Things like “did I exercise?” “Did I read?” “Did I say thank you?” “how happy was I today?” “day’s highlight?” “day’s lesson?”

For 30 days spend 1 minute each day to mark ‘yes’ or ‘no’, a number, or a short comment for each item. Every 10 days you can include a column to summarize your scores. After 30 days graph the data and take a look. The mirror does not lie. Adjust your behavior as needed, and the mirror always smiles back.

Hone a signature routine that most represents the person you want to be. Dial it consistently, without expectations and enrich the day with meaning.

After 30 days, if you’re noticing any kind of positive change you can say “thank you” to a friend or mentor who you consider an influence in the process. Build relationships while building momentum.

This is an exercise that takes less than a minute a day and provides honest insight into where you are and who you want to become. And yes, it may require a dash of courage.