Dialogue is human

Dialogue has a full spectrum. It doesn’t mean you have to get cozy with the other person or totally write them off. Dialogue means entering the conversation on equal footing, flawed human to flawed human, with a desire to learn not condemn. Granted dialogue can be hard when we’re emotionally charged which is why taking a break can be so helpful.

Dialogue means 2 things. 1. communicating your truth and 2. listening without needing to react. Say why you believe what you believe. Giving an opinion without stating why is like an orgy with introverts. It doesn’t make sense. And your “why” is best conveyed with a story. For example, I might say elephants shouldn’t be forced into rooms … becaauuse every time I meet an elephant, it tells me that it doesn’t want to be inside a room. It wants to be in the jungle with the other elephants. It misses its family and monkey friends. 

In dialogue we don’t try to prove an opinion. Experience is the best teacher. People learn from experience not emotional reactions. If you happen to disagree, it’s normal. let it be. You can listen without needing to agree, it’s normal and we are fully capable of such feats. A dismissive attitude doesn’t help anybody. dialogue has a full spectrum.