Achieving stability in 2018

As long as there are goals there will be people who don’t achieve them. There are two reasons why goals don’t get achieved. Either you don’t believe in it or 2. you believe in it but are too lazy or afraid to act on it.

It’s important to first know your purpose: your core belief, your personal mission. A goal is what we pursue and purpose is why we pursue it. The “why” is our source of stability regardless of circumstance. three things make a purpose that endures:

  1. it’s bigger than you,
  2. you believe in it 100%,
  3. and it inspires action.

I love AirBnB’s mission: to help anyone belong anywhere. I founded SeeingPotential with the mission to inspire growth in people and their organizations and it fuels me every day.

In 2018, may a clear mission lead you to new heights.