Leadership with self-awareness

The brain is a storytelling factory and when we examine the narrative from different perspectives, we can enhance the story of our work and relationships. To keep the process strong and sincere, trust is a key factor…trust in people, trust in the process, trust in yourself. Win the trust game, win the whole game. This training centers on self-awareness and trust to continuously deepen relationships and empower our best work.

Self-awareness is the ongoing discovery,
of an undying obsession,
It’s about asking “why?”
and letting it stir you inside out,

You may call it a life goal,
or knowing what you live for,
Then we realize the journey IS the treasure,
a belief in something beyond measure,

A burning pleasure that doesn’t fade,
melts all distractions,
and inspires,
Unforgettable connections.

This training is intended for:
Future leaders and problem solvers who want to eliminate distractions and think outside the box.

Learning outcomes

• Learn the basic principles of storytelling to influence change
• Quiet distractions and elevate your vision
• Build a team around trust

Please contact arya@seeingpotential.com for more details.


“Arya’s ability to teach his clients how to tap unknown talents is a talent in itself. In all my experience, never have I seen anyone explain and teach such a complex construct as effectively as Arya. Tapping ones creativity to their fullest extent is extremely valuable in today’s marketplace. This explains why Arya’s workshops will add value to any industry. Just look at grapelabs.com and get a glimpse of this cutting edge technology.”

Mark A. Ehredt
Strategic HR Professional

“If you are looking for workshops that prompt you to think from differing perspectives while also encouraging you to engage in the sharing of ideas through group interaction, then Arya’s workshops are highly recommended. The DNA tool is invaluable! The project wheel and “wildest expectations” exercises make you wish the workshop would never end. Without a doubt, these workshops give you the feeling of joy and fun while facilitating learning and connection with others within the organization. I cannot wait to see what other creative workshops Arya has to offer!”

Cheryl DePonte
Learning & Performance Specialist
Ken Blanchard Companies

“I learned to breathe – to quiet the chatter – to rediscover what I believe I am meant to do. It was great!”

“I enjoyed the nuggets of usefull information. Conversation with the rest of the audience. Great job of explaining technical information for the non-techies.”

“What I enjoyed most was the sincerity and passion of the presenter, and the new ideas and thoughts that came to me.”

“I learned how critical praise and positivity are to inspiring innovation and courage.”

“I learned to follow my dream, stay passionate, and to believe in myself and abilities.”

“I learned that feedback can have 3 dimensions – hadn’t really thought about that, but it is true.”

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