Presence and politics: an inside job

Voting doesn’t necessarily mean being in touch with reality. And not voting doesn’t mean not caring.

No matter who wins the election this year, there is work to be done. No politician is going to save you from your worries or make you a better person. Transformation is an inside job. It’s the molding of a mission and the best bet is with inner clarity. It’s not the absence of chaos or conflict but a simple alignment between words and actions.

The question is do you trust yourself enough to let go?

It’s not about shaping clever debate tactics or sniffing for a better ignorance package. Ignorance is not bliss. Innocence is. Innocence to simply be at play between gut and reason. And you don’t have to explain yourself. The future is now and it’s not shaped by overthinkers.

Transformation means being present so the right action can occur in the right time. And every moment is the right time to be present. Any kind of meaningful action begins with an embodied awareness, like when you reach for the door knob, feeling its cool moisture, turning the ball til it clicks open. You step inside the room and you’re asked to say what’s in your heart, from the tip of your tongue to the base of your spine, the grooves in your ears to your pelvis aligned.

Laugh at yourself every time you enter a room. And we all have built-in lie detectors. I’ve noticed my test is how courage and playfulness arise in one’s tone and language. Courage means acting on love. The courage to let go and drop into the inner worlds of the body, to guide and activate flow within, and trust that you’re not alone on well being. The question is do you trust yourself enough to let go?

Though sometimes it may begin with pain, self-awareness doesn’t begin with a plan. It begins with the silence of slow blinking eyelids, The moments between the ribs. To have direct awareness of the mind and body is at the core of stress management and witnessing the dynamic flow emerging in all of our relationships. Being with the body as a whole. Not by avoiding discomfort or reacting to constant thought. Oh the tyranny of monkey mind. The body wants to know the nature of its being. Let it be and lives will change.