Putting questions to work

Would you rather be wise and worried or foolish and happy?

This is a question I’ve been asking people, and what comes up is that wisdom comes when you let it go. My young cousin replied, “I’d be foolish and happy because then I get to learn more.”

I was working on my laptop earlier preparing a question deck for a communication workshop. I was fielding questions in mind and one in particular stood out. Soon as I came to write it, it escaped me. I waited a bit, seeing how it would resurface. It was a no show, so I shifted to the next thing. The question shortly reappeared which was: Do you think your opinion matters?

I might have an opinion on something, but I don’t fixate on it. I like my thoughts to breath freely and my self-worth is not tied to an opinion. I’m more interested in dialogue and formation with something bigger. Steve Jobs often said, as do Gestalt Psychologists, that the whole is more than sum of the parts. You can have a group of people in a room chattering about what they think, but a group does not necessarily make a team.

So what makes an A team?