SEED is a radio podcast to connect Storytellers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, and Designers (SEED). The goal is to explore mindset and methods for driving positive change and growth in people and businesses.

In this episode I sat down with Eric Kaufmann to discuss what it means to be awake and the skills to develop as a leader.

Eric Kaufmann is the president and founder of Sagatica, where he guides leaders to make better decisions and achieve better results. His book The Four Virtues of a Leader, shares practical ideas and tools that deepen a leader’s ability to be efficient, effective and deliberate; a leader whom people are drawn to follow. The crucible of Eric’s journey contains 16 years of leadership consulting, management at Fortune 100 firms, degrees in business and psychology a quarter century of Zen practice, living in Israel and South Africa, teaching as a Master Scuba Diving instructor, and working as a certified hypnotherapist. Learn more about Sagatica at


Sara Schairer is the founder of COMPASSION IT and Stanford-certified teacher of compassion. Her Compassion It Wristbands are slick and charming and have reached people in over 50 countries. In this podcast we discuss how compassion education inspires the best in ourselves and others. You can learn more at

Ted Washington is an artist, poet and publisher currently based in San Diego, CA. He also performs with the band Pruitt Igoe. Ted brings a lot of great energy and a no-nonsense approach to his poetry. Here we talk about the creative process and the sense of progression and self-awareness that poetry can bring. You can learn more about his works at

Amidst an emotional life it’s important to stay centered in the now. This podcast episode is a 30min audio recording of an article I wrote titled Drawing Within: Using Mindfulness to Inspire Creativity and Leadership in a Complex World. The paper unpacks the idea of mindfulness and how to apply it toward greater focus and mental clarity. The article can also be viewed here.

Timi Gleason is a leadership coach, strategic planner, and author of the book Becoming Strategic: Leading with Focus and Inspiration. In this interview we discuss creativity, magic, and leading with a legacy in mind. You can learn more about Timi at

Tish McAllise Sjoberg is an artist, coach, and founder of Expressive Arts at 32nd and Thorn. She works with individuals and groups through their healing journeys. In this interview, we explore how creativity enriches community and personal life. We also talk about her book Scribble Art, a how to guide and coloring book.

Jim Ellis is an author and filmmaker and founder of Legacy Productions. His latest book is “Huh? The joys, sorrows, and comic relief of miscommunication.” We discuss miscommunication, being connected with yourself and others, and ways to foster a creative mindset.

Gary Ware is an inspirational speaker, improv teacher, and founder of Breakthrough Play. He helps people apply the principles of play and improv to live more fully. He believes that we are wired to play and it’s a link to more connection and creativity in our lives. In this talk we talk play as a way of being your best at work.

Don Norman has been an influential figure in the world of design. He’s the Director of the Design Lab at UCSD and a widely read author on the topic, plus he’s a joy to talk with. With his charming presence, we discuss design, emotions, magic, and the joy of life. Learn more at

Alex Dikowski is a mixed-media artist based in San Diego, His latest exhibition, Attention Economy, reflectively stares into you followed by a sincere slap in the face, a face helplessly gazed at social media. Working with the omnipresence of pop culture and social media and the role of technology in post-modern society, the work shows how attention, numbed or not, rallies around the mechanical wheels of social technologies. Learn more at

Amy Lisewski is a professional improviser and entrepreneur. She’s the Founder and Artistic Director of Finest City Improv, and puts her twenty-plus years of experience in business and the arts to grow an amazing theatre and training center, performing, hosting events, presenting workshops, and helping teams and individuals grow through the lessons of improvisation. You can learn more at Finest City Improv.

Michelle Josey is a fine artist, musician, and group facilitator. In this interview we talk creativity and complexity in the context of groups and holding space for individuals to express their ideas.

Kai Dickens is the founder of Playology where he brings play into people’s work and personal lives. He provides a suite of services for companies to develop their company culture and raise their productivity. Visit Playology to learn more.

Mary Reich’s Expressive Arts practice is movement based working with non dancers in particular. It is informed from 30 years of experience as a performer, choreographer, educator/researcher in dance and improvisation.

As CEO, Siyamak Khorrami serves as the chief relationship manager for Skyriver IT clients. With 12 years experience in finance, operations and management in various business services industries, Siyamak understands the importance of maintaining strong customer relationships. His background in accounting and financial management allows Siyamak to help clients understand the financial implications of technology investments.

Jerome Gross is a health and fitness trainer. Trained in East Indian philosophy, he teaches Yoga, energy healing, and hypnotherapy and has been practicing for over 20 years. He answers 2 questions: what is truth? And how does that express itself in his teaching?