Turning discomfort into joy

By Arya Salehi
Co-illustrated with Hee Dai

Threads is a graphic tale on the inner workings of the mind. It’s a response to adventure and awakening through storied illustrations and psychology, a study on how small events lead to big impressions where everyone is etching their own thread as part of a larger fabric that connects us.

Arya Salehi is a storyteller based in California. Life experience has taught him to appreciate each waking breath and to treasure life’s mysteries, and to recognize beauty and strength in imperfections.

Hee Dai is a freelance Illustrator in Chengdu, China. She explores serene lifestyles through her paintings. Highlights of her work include Naked and A Romantic Poem. Learn more about Hee.


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I believe I could read Threads a dozen times. It takes the reader on introspective and real life imaginary visualizations. It’s written with varied jest, frankness, wonder and journal publication reference. You ride a fine balance between stream of consciousness and tightly woven narratives leading the reader from point A to G. The pairing with subtle yet evocative line drawings inspire ideas with welcomed disconnect from the adjacent text. Rather than functioning like a snapshot or caption that directly matches the stories, the artwork adds another dimension to the experience of the book. The book is like world travel that ventures from corners of the globe to the recesses of the heart body and mind. 

Daniel J.

I loved it. The illustrations were so playful and the writing style so honest and deep!! Such a fun read. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work. You should continue.

Yasi O.